Courses related to Geospatial Technology

  • Geog 281: Map Making with GIS -Syllabus
  • The course covers the principles and practices of effective map-making using computerized Geographic Information System (GIS) software.

  • Geog 480:Field Mapping Class with GIS and GPS
  • Prerequisite:Geog281. Field-based study of the principles and techniques used in constructing a digital spatial database from field observations utilizing traditional field methods, GIS and GPS technology.

  • Geog 481: Introduction to GIS- Syllabus
  • Introduction to the range of techniques associated with geographic information systems and computer-assisted cartography, including conversion of maps and spatial data to digital form, database mapping, computer-assisted analysis of spatial data, computer-aided map design, and the production of computer-generated maps.

  • Geog 485: Advanced Method in GIS
  • Prerequisite: Geog 481 or equivalent. Integrated computer-assisted methods for handling spatial data, including database design, data conversion and updating, information retrieval, analysis, modeling and mapping.

  • Geog 486: Environmental Reomote Sensing
  • Prerequisite: Math 110 or equivalent. This course covers the fundamentals of remote sensing science and digital image processing. Focus on remote sensing principles and the processing and interpretation of remotely sensed data using image processing techniques and software.

  • Geog 489: Digital Image Processing
  • Prerequisite: GEOG 486. This course covers beginning and advanced techniques in digital image processing. It will teach the science of remote sensing with a primary focus on how to process and interpret remotely sensed environmental data using image processing techniques.



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