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   Department of Geography
   California State University, Fullerton
   800 N. St. College Blvd.
   Fullerton, CA 92834-6846

Department Administrative Staff

  • Kim Bette-Wright - Coordinator

Phone:  (657) 278-3161

FAX:  (657) 278-5223

Department Office:  Humanities 420A

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Department Chair:
    Dr. John Carroll  Ph. (657) 278-3189 e-mail:  jcarroll@fullerton.edu

Undergraduate Advisor:
    Dr. Mark Drayse  Ph. (657) 278-7593 e-mail:  mdrayse@fullerton.edu

Graduate Advisor:
    Dr. Jonathan Taylor  Ph. (657) 278-4762  e-mail:  jstaylor@fullerton.edu

The rest of our faculty can be reached by clicking here.