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San Gabriels from CSUF

View of the San Gabriels from our rooftop weather station.

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Geographers examine the processes that unite people, places and environments. We explore the diverse regions of the contemporary world in pursuit of global understanding. Our students are taught to appreciate the complex interrelationships between people and the environment.  They tie together the study of human spatial organizations and cultural landscapes with an in-depth investigation of the earth’s landforms, climates and vegetation.  Geographers bring a vital perspective to a surprising number of societal issues and problems, including:  urban planning, transportation, land use, water management, coastal erosion, market research, floodplain management, public health and more.  Perhaps best of all, geographers are trained in the making of maps, leading the way in the development of geographic information systems (GIS).  Because the knowledge and skills obtained in Geography classes are in high demand, Geography majors find rewarding careers in a variety of fields.