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Recent Publications by the CSUF Geography Faculty

This page provides recent citations and PDF format papers (when/as available) of peer-reviewed work, research, and books completed by the Geography Faculty at CSUF.

In Press

Blackburn, J.K., McNyset, K.M., Hugh-Jones, M.E., Curtis, A.C. in press. Modeling the geographic distribution of Bacillus anthracis, the causative agent of anthrax disease, for the contiguous United States using predictive ecological niche modeling. American Journal of Tropical Medicine (forthcoming)

Jasparro, C. and J.S. Taylor. in press. “Implications for Transnational Security Vulnerability under Climate Change in Southeast Asia.” Geopolitics.

Voeks, R.A. in press. “Traditions in Transition: African Diaspora Ethnobotany in Lowland South America”. In: M. Alexiades (ed), Mobility and Migration in Indigenous Amazonia: Contemporary Ethnoecological Perspectives. London: Berghahn.


Blackburn, J.K., A. Curtis, F.C. Mujia, F. Jones, P. Dorn, R. Coates. 2008. The development of the Chagas' Online Data Entry System (CODES-GIS). Transactions in GIS. 12(2): 249 - 265. Reprints available. Please email Jason Blackburn (jablackburn@fullerton.edu) to request a copy.

Drayse, Mark H. (2008). Globalization and regional change in the U.S. furniture industry. Growth and Change (forthcoming).

Sonenshein, Raphael J. and Mark H. Drayse (2008). The political geography of coalitions in an age of immigration: the case of Los Angeles, in Douzet, Frederick; Thad Kousser and Kenneth Miller (eds.) The New Political Geography of California. Berkeley, CA: Berkeley Public Policy Press.

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Blackburn , J.K., J.A. Neer, B.A. Thompson. 2007. Delineation of bull shark, Carcharhinus leucas, nursery areas in the inland and coastal waters of Louisiana. In: McCandless, C.T. and N. Kohler (eds). Shark nursery grounds of the Gulf of Mexico and the East Coast waters of the United States. American Fisheries Society Press. Book forthcoming

Curtis, A.C., J.K. Blackburn, Y. Sansyzbayev. 2007. Chapter 23: Using a Geographic Information System to Spatially Investigate Infectious Disease. IN: M. Tibayrenc (Ed) Encyclopedia of infectious diseases: Modern Methodologies. Wiley and Sons Publishing.

Curtis, A., J.K. Blackburn, J.W. Mills. 2007. Calculating a Spatial Variant of the Basic Reproduction Number (R 0) for the New Orleans Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878. Professional Geographer 59(4): 492-502. PDF available upon request jablackburn@fullerton.edu

Miller, J.A. and Goodrich, G.B., 2007. Regionalization of Pacific Northwest precipitation: spatial patterns and temporal trends. Climate Research, 33, 215-227.

Neer, J.A., J.K. Blackburn, B.A. Thompson. 2007. Shark nursery areas of Louisiana’s Nearshore Coastal Waters. In: McCandless, C.T. and N. Kohler (eds). Shark nursery grounds of the Gulf of Mexico and the East Coast waters of the United States. American Fisheries Society Press. Book forthcoming

Taylor, J.S. 2007. “Environment and Security Conflicts: The U.S. Military in Okinawa,” The Geographical Bulletin, 48(1): 3-13.
Taylor, J.S. 2007. “Anti-Military and Environmental Groups in Okinawa, Japan,” book chapter in P.P. Karan (ed), Grassroots Environmental Movements in Japan and the United States, forthcoming, University of Kentucky Press


Voeks, R. A. 2007. “Ethnobotanical Knowledge and Mode of Subsistence: Between Foraging and Farming in Northern Borneo”. In: P. Sercombe and B. Sellato, (eds), Beyond the Green Myth: Borneo’s Hunter-Gatherers in the 21st Century.  Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, pp. 333-352.


 Voeks, R. A. 2007. “Are Women Reservoirs of Traditional Plant Knowledge: Gender, Ethnobotany and Globalization in Northeast Brazil?” Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography (special gender and environment issue). 28 (1): 7-20. Click here for a PDF file

Xu, L. 2007. Inter-CMA Migration of the Immigrants in Canada: 1991-1996 and 1996 2001. SEDAP (Social and Economic Dimensions of an Aging Population) Research Paper Series No. 195.

Xu, L. 2007. Characterization and Explanation of the 1996-2001 Inter-CMA Migration of the Second Generation in Canada. SEDAP (Social and Economic Dimensions of an Aging Population) Research Paper Series No. 196.

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Atkinson-Palombo, C., Miller, J.A., and Balling, R.C., 2006. Seasonal Variation in the “Weekend Effect” for Ozone in Phoenix, Arizona. Atmospheric Environment, 40,7644-7658.

Curtis, A.C., Mills, J.W., Blackburn, J.K., Pine, J.C. 2006. Hurricane Katrina: GIS Response for a Major Metropolitan Area. Quick Response Report No 180, Natural Hazards Center, University of Colorado. (edited - not peer reviewed) Click here for a PDF file

Curtis, A., Mills, J.W., Blackburn, J.K., Pine, J.C., Kennedy, B. 2006. Louisiana State University Geographic Information System Support of Hurricane Katrina Recovery Operations. International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters 24(2): 203 – 221. Click here for a PDF file

Engstrom, Wayne N. 2006. “Nineteenth Century Coastal Geomorphology of Southern California,” Journal of Coastal Research 22(4):847-861.


Hinman, S.E., J.K. Blackburn, A.C. Curtis. 2006. Spatial and temporal structure of typhoid outbreaks in Washington, D.C., 1906-1909: evaluating local clustering with the Gi* statistic. International Journal of Health Geographics. Click here for a PDF file


Keenan, S.F., M.C. Benfield, J.K. Blackburn. 2006. Potential importance of the artificial light field around offshore petroleum platforms for the associated fish community. Marine Ecology Progress Series 331: 219-231. Click here for a PDF file.

Miller, J.A. 2006. The bioclimatic environment of a rapidly expanding desert metropolis. Preprints from the 6 th International Conference on Urban Climate, Göteborg, Sweden. June 12-16, 2006. 

Miller, J.A., Hartz, D.A., Hedquist, B.C., and Atkinson-Palombo, C. 2006. The role of vegetation, sky-view factor, and density on the microclimate of Tempe, Arizona, USA. Preprints from the 6 th International Conference on Urban Climate, Göteborg, Sweden. June 12-16, 2006.

McNyset, K.M. and Blackburn, J.K. 2006. Does GARP really fail miserably? A response to Stockman et al. (2006). Diversity and Distributions 12: 782-786. Click here for a PDF file.


Voeks, R. A. and Nyawa, S. 2006. “Dusun Ethnobotany: Forest Knowledge and Nomenclature in Northern Borneo. Journal of Cultural Geography.23 (2): 1-31. Click here for a PDF file


Xu, L. and Liaw, K.L. 2006. Initial Destination Choices of Skilled-worker Immigrants from South Asia to Canada: Assessment of the Relative Importance of Explanatory Factors. Canadian Journal of Regional Science, Summer 2006: 299-320.

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Frei, A., Brown, R., Miller, J.A., and Robinson D., 2005. Snow mass over North America: Observations and results from the second phase of the Atmospheric Model Intercomparison Project (AMIP-2)." Journal of Hydrometeorology , 6, 681-695.

Liaw, K.L. and Xu, L. 2005. Problematic Post-Landing Interprovincial Migration of the Immigrants in Canada: From 1980-1983 through 1992-1995. Journal of Population Studies 31: 105-152.


Suttkus, R.D., B.A. Thompson, J.K. Blackburn. 2005. An analysis of the Menidia complex in the Mississippi River Valley and in two nearby minor drainages. Southeastern Fishes Council Proceedings 48: 1-9 Click here for a PDF file


Voeks, R. A.  2005. “The Penan Hunter-gatherers of Borneo”. In: J. Kaplan and B. Taylor (eds). Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature. Vol 2.  Bristol: Continuum Press, pp. 1266-1268.


Voeks, R. A. 2005. “Candomble of Brazil”. In: J. Kaplan and B. Taylor (eds). Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature.  Vol. 1. Bristol: Continuum Press, pp. 260-265.

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Taylor, J.S. and C. Jasparo.  2004. “Editorials and Geopolitical Explanations of 11 September.” In 11 September and its Aftermath: The Geopolitics of Terror, Stanley Brunn ed. Frank Cass & Co. Ltd.


Voeks, R. A. 2004. “Disturbance Pharmacopoeias: Medicine and Myth from the Humid Tropics”. Annals, Association of American Geographers. 94 (4): 868-888. Click here for a PDF file

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Palm, R. and J. Carroll. 1997. Illusions of Safety: Culture and Earth Quake Hazard Response in California and Japan. Westview Press, 119 pps.

Voeks, R. Sacred Leaves of Candomble: African Magic, Medicine, and Religion in Brazil. Austin: Univeristy of Texas Press, 236 pps.

Weightman, B.A. 2004. Asia. John Wiley and Sons Publishing, 560 pps.

Weightman, B.A. 2004. Dragons and Tigers: A Geography of South, East, and Southeast Asia (updated edition). Wiley and Sons Publishing, 480 pps.

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